Help When You Are Accused of Having Child Pornography

Help When You Are Accused of Having Child Pornography

There are some instances where a person may be charged with a crime and they think that they do not need legal help when it comes to defending themselves. In the case of being charged with possession or distribution of child pornography, it will be in your best interest to get legal assistance. These charges are extremely serious and can change your life forever if you are convicted. Below, you can find out more information regarding the different types of defenses you may use when it comes to these charges. Finding an attorney, like a San Francisco, California child pornography defense lawyer from a law firm like The Morales Law Firm could be invaluable to you. 

What are the different defenses? 

When it comes to these charges, you may want to learn more about the different types of defenses that are out there. 

  • You accidentally possessed child pornography. With this defense, you may be stating that you did possess it but you were not the one who acquired it. It is not a stretch to say that someone hacked your computer or used your computer to download child pornography. There are many viruses or types of spam that will put this on a person’s computer. 
  • You did not know you possessed it. This is often a defense used if child pornography is found on a shared computer and you did not know it was there. If you have someone in your life who believes you wronged them, they may also go out of their way to download this content onto your phone or computer to frame you or falsely accuse you. 
  • The police acted illegally. If certain content was found on your phone or computer and the police obtained it illegally, the evidence they provided to the court may not hold up. This happens if they lied when telling you that they had a search warrant or if they lied in order to obtain a search warrant. If this is the case, an attorney may be able to get this evidence thrown out entirely. 
  • You were “entrapped.” If you are using entrapment as a defense, it means that the police coerced you into getting child pornography in a situation where you otherwise would not have. This could even mean that you obtained it thinking that it was something else. 

When you are facing these charges, do not hesitate to get the legal help you need.