What Group Legal Plans are Worth

Group legal plans have value to both employers and employees. Employers and employees who have not participated in this kind of coverage before are not always able to see their worth until they have experienced one of these plans first hand.

Employer Benefits 

Employees want a productive workforce that is able to stay focused and to be efficient. No matter how skilled, talented, educated, or experienced an employee is, even the best employees’ performance levels often drop when they are burdened with legal issues and issues that are often connected to these. When employees are having legal problems that they can’t afford proper representation for and are causing them financial hardship and stress, it can have a serious, negative impact on their productivity.

The following are common life occurrences that can be very stressful for an employee that is trying to manage something like one of these things, along with their full-time job, family life and other obligations:

  • Divorce
  • Deaths in the family
  • Tax issues
  • Real estate matters
  • Debt and bankruptcy issues
  • Traffic defense, including DUI/DWI charges
  • Power of attorney
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Family law
  • Identity theft
  • Elder care issues

Providing employees with affordable resources for legal and financial services often allows employees to stay focused and be more productive at work.

Benefits for Employees Without Legal Challenges

Many employers that have employees that don’t really need legal services do not know if there is a reason to provide them to everyone, for the few employees that will actually use them. A valuable part of many group legal plans is that they provide employees with financial services that can be valuable for employees of all different ages and socioeconomic levels. So even though some employees may not wind up needing legal services, they can benefit from having financial consultations available with no out-of-pocket costs. In the past decade, workers in the United States have been stressed out because of financial issues they did not have before. From Millennials with student loans and who are just starting out in the job market, to people who are wanting to retire, more and more workers report that financial issues are causing them stress and that their stress levels seem to be continuing to increase. 

Many employees who are financially stressed say that when their employer provides them with services to help them achieve financial well-being, they feel more loyal to their employer. When employees feel more loyal to their employer, not only do they tend to have higher productivity rates, there also tends to have better morale and less absences. This in turn often leads to lower human resources costs. Unresolved legal needs and/or financial stress can negatively impact employee performance in the workplace. Providing employees with low-cost access to legal and financial services can wind up saving employers money in the long run.