3 Myths About Car Accident Claims

When it comes to personal injury law and car accidents, there are a lot of myths. Some of these myths can damage a case, because of a plaintiff’s actions or inaction. To prevent mistakes, you should be aware of some of the myths surrounding personal injury claims, as a personal injury attorney, like from Yearin Law Office, can explain. Here are three myths about personal injury lawsuits.

Your Insurance Company Will Handle the Claim

In some cases, people believe that their insurance company will handle all of their needs when it comes to a car accident claim. This is not necessarily the case. Your insurance company may not want to spend the resources fighting for your claim. This is why it is crucial that you also have a lawyer on your side.

You Shouldn’t Receive Medical Attention for Minor Injuries

After an accident, you may not feel the impact of your injuries. Some injuries and complications manifest over time. You might not feel neck or head injuries right away. This doesn’t mean that diagnostic testing couldn’t help, however. Often, doctors can diagnose injuries before you feel any symptoms. Injuries that feel minor may be more serious.

It doesn’t hurt to visit a doctor after an accident. Some conditions will become worse over time and it’s better to have medical assistance from the beginning. This may help you prevent worse injuries later. Also, it provides you with documentation of your injuries.

You Can’t Receive Compensation if You Were Partly to Blame

Sometimes, accidents are the fault of both parties. If you are partially to blame, this doesn’t mean that you can’t seek compensation. It does mean, however, that you may have to cut into your reward. For example, if you are ten percent responsible, you may have to subtract ten percent from your medical costs and other damages.

Partial fault may be as simple as you not wearing a seatbelt at the time of an accident. If your lack of seatbelt contributed to your injuries, then you would have to take that into account. Of course, if you were in an accident with a person who ran a stoplight, then the other person would be more at fault for the accident.

There are a lot of myths in regards to personal injury law. Some of these myths can hurt a case or cause a plaintiff to reconsider filing a claim at all. If you are unsure about the validity of your claim, contact a personal injury lawyer today for a consultation.