4 Things to Consider for Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident at Fault

Hundreds of motorcycle accidents occur every day in the United States. There’s a decent chance that you’ll be in at least one during your lifetime, even if you’re a safe rider. If you’re at fault for an accident you’re involved in, there are some things you should consider.

1. Proper Insurance Should Cover Others Involved in the Accident

In most states, a certain amount of liability insurance is required before you can get behind the handlebars. Liability insurance covers the costs of anyone else involved in an accident when you’re at fault. This means the other driver, any pedestrians or any property owners who experience damage at your hand could be compensated by your insurance company.

2. Collision Coverage Will Help to Repair Your Own Motorcycle

If you’re at fault in an accident and you have collision coverage, it will cover the repairs of your own motorcycle. What it doesn’t cover are the medical expenses incurred if you are injured during your accident. If you have injuries, your personal health insurance can help you pay for the expenses of medical treatment.

3. Your Insurance Premiums Will Likely Go Up

Any time you use your insurance coverage, your insurance company raises the premiums. This means if you’re at fault for an accident and the others affected by your actions require compensation, you can expect to pay more each month. On average, insurance companies raise premiums by 48%. After a certain period of time, often between three and five years, and with a clean driving record, the premiums could go back down.

4. You Could Get Sued

Some motorcycle and other vehicle accidents end with a lawsuit. While proper insurance coverage helps you avoid this risk, it often happens just the same. Sometimes your insurance company isn’t willing to negotiate fairly with the other party. Other times there are other factors at play, so the other parties feel they are entitled to more. In any case, you should prepare yourself by speaking with a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Contact a Lawyer Today

When you’re in a motorcycle accident and you realize it’s your fault, there are probably a lot of things that will go through your mind. Something you should probably do first is contact your lawyer. A motorcycle accident lawyer can walk you through the process of scenarios that might happen, and when something does play out, your lawyer can help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible.