Changing Seasons for Driving Laws and Conditions

Everything has a season. That goes for fruit, vegetables, and even crime, or motor vehicle accidents. During certain seasons traffic laws change based on the traffic. For example, school is out for students during the summer months therefore the school zones are no longer relevant,  and there are likely less school buses on the roads. But where there are left traffic laws there may be more traffic. So it is important during this downtime to pay extra close attention to your surroundings and what is going on, but this is all the time. This means:

When schools are open they are obviously more children of all ages that may be on foot. This means there are school zones in the morning and afternoon, so it is important to pay very close attention to the traffic laws and how they change.

Once the summer and spring seasons arrive there may be less school zones and school buses but more teen drivers on the road. Teen drivers are far less responsible than skilled and mature drivers. This means there may be a higher peak of distracted driving in there for more motor vehicle accidents during this time.

Daylight savings time happens twice a year. This means it may be darker but there are still students around walking to and from school. 

In the winter, while the brakes are not as long as the summer the weather is different so you must pay attention to your surroundings for children, other people or simply terrible weather conditions to ensure that you are safe at all times.

You may not have noticed how important the seasons were as it pertains to motor vehicle accidents but it does make a difference. Should you or someone you know be involved in a motor vehicle accident or any type of accident for any reason listed above, it is important to speak to a skilled personal injury attorney in your area as soon as possible. These weather conditions  I may not just lead you to cause a motor vehicle accident but make you a victim in a motor vehicle accident. Or even worse, your child. it is important to practice safe driving at all times but more importantly do you notice if the change in the seasons can also change the statistics. Whether or not you are at fault it is best to speak with the skilled personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, GA should you be involved in any incident to figure out what your legal options are and if any of these factors build your case.



Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and how to move forward.