Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers are essential to moving goods from one location to another. Without their service, consumers would not have the access they do to products in stores. With all the semi-trucks on the roads, however, things can get dangerous. Big truck crashes are among the most fatal in the United States. If they don’t cause death, they almost always cause catastrophic injuries to those in passenger vehicles. While the rate of these accidents has thankfully decreased over the years, they are still occurring. Discover some of the common reasons why truck accidents still happen today.

Mechanical Failure 

Semi-trucks are a complex network of machinery. When something malfunctions inside the interworking of the truck, it may cause a crash. The most common cause of mechanical failure in a tractor-trailer are the brakes failing. The braking system on a truck is much different than that of cars. Not just that, it is also much more critical to maintain in good working order. When a truck loses its brakes, it rolls out of control, mowing down everything that comes in its way. Even if a driver can avoid other vehicles, there is a likelihood that they will collide with a barricade or tree. Truckers who get in this kind of crash often do not come out alive.

Tire Blowouts 

Tractor-trailers have 18 wheels to carry them from one place to another. The tires must be well-maintained, or there is the chance that one or more could blow out while the truck is in motion. While a single tire blowout may not seem like it would result in too much damage, know that losing just one tire while the truck is in motion can cause a temporary loss of control. Depending on the location of the tire and the weight of the tractor, losing control for just a few seconds may cause a rollover or jackknife to occur. In either of these cases, the resulting damage to other cars on the highway is potentially catastrophic.

Driver Error

Truck drivers are human, and as such, they make mistakes. Distracted driving campaigns and laws have targeted car drivers throughout the country, but truckers can be just as easily distracted. The difference is that when these drivers are distracted, the results can be even deadlier than those in passenger cars. A trucker may also decide to continue driving even though he or she is extremely fatigued. Even if a trucker is not falling asleep behind the wheel, the exhaustion may affect reflexes and judgment.

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