How Can Divorce Mediation Help You?

If you are looking for a helpful tool during your divorce, a local lawyer may recommend getting a divorce mediator. Despite what many people think, a divorce mediator is not there to try to get your marriage back together and they will not tell you or your soon-to-be-ex-spouse that one of you is right or wrong in a decision. Instead, they are there as a neutral, third party to listen to the issues at hand and help you come to a fair resolution. Whether you feel like you and your ex-spouse are battling at every turn or there are still a few issues in your marriage that need to be resolved, a mediator can present you with options that can work for everyone. 

What are some of the benefits of a mediator for your divorce? 

As a lawyer, like a divorce lawyer from a law firm like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright understands, long, drawn-out divorces that are filled with arguments can be difficult for everyone involved. It can be hard to get what you want in those divorces and if you have children, it can leave the whole family dynamic sour. A mediator can help you with:

  • Ending issues. Although the mediator is not there to truly problem-solve and come to a decision for you, they are there to listen to both parties and come up with a compromise. Whether it is child custody rights or who gets the house, a mediator may give you options you had not thought of before. 
  • Having more control. When you are getting a divorce, it can feel like everyone else has more control than you do. Your lawyer may recommend trying mediation because it puts the power back in your hands (and in the hands of your partner). This gives you both the opportunity to come to a decision on something and it may allow you to divorce more quickly (which means paying less overall, too).
  • Working with your schedule. If you or your spouse just want to go to count and duke it out, you will quickly realize how much time this can take. In the end, the judge may be the one making decisions for you. A mediator can meet you when it is convenient for you and can help you avoid the need to go to court. 

Depending on what you decide, your lawyer may or may not be present for these mediation sessions. Remember, you should be the one to have a say in how your marriage ends. If you are ready to move forward, please reach out to a local attorney who can help you start the process today.