How to Handle an Out-of-State DWI

No one wants to be pulled over or charged with a DUI. This can be particularly complicated when you are out of state at the time. When charged with a DUI — no matter where you are — it always helps to have a lawyer on standby. Here’s what you need to do after a DUI stop.

The Traffic Stop

Everyone knows that no matter where you travel, you are still subject to the laws of the state that you are in. If you are driving, you still have an obligation to drive safely and to drive without the influence of alcohol. When a cop pulls you over, however, you may not know how to handle it. If you receive a ticket, do you go to court in a completely different state? During the stop, you may be arrested. If this happens, you will be in that specific county until you are released. Upon release, you can plan what your next steps are.

After the Arrest

After the arrest or police stop, the officers will give you a summons. The summons will include a date for you to appear in court. This is the court date that you will enter your plea of either guilty or not guilty. You have to appear in court on the date instructed. If you fail to appear, then you will have a more difficult time defending yourself against the charges.

Your court appearance will take place in the state where you were pulled over. When you don’t appear, your license may be suspended and you could have a warrant out for your arrest.

Out-of-State Sentencing

If you are convicted, then you may be able to carry out your sentence elsewhere. Some common sentences include license suspensions, mandatory defensive driving classes, and probation. In order for you to have your sentence transferred, you have to make sure that the exact sentences are available in your county. You have to be able to fulfill your full sentence at home.

After you’re charged with an out-of-state DUI, you do not want to take on the fight alone. Do not think that because you live in a different state that you don’t have to appear at court where the arrest took place. You still have to meet your deadlines, but it is possible to have your sentence transferred to the state where you live. To get answers to your legal questions, consult with an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney from The Morales Law Firm, as soon as possible.