How to Speak to an Insurance Adjuster

How to Speak to an Insurance Adjuster

Speaking with an Insurance Adjuster After a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, you will more than likely be contacted by someone from an insurance company to discuss the accident. If you were responsible for the accident, you’ll probably be hearing from the other driver’s insurance agency for details. You will also likely hear from them if you make a claim for compensation against the other driver. No matter the case, there are always things you should and should not say to an adjuster. Here’s how to speak with them and what to include.

What to Ask

First, get information from the person who is calling. Write down their name, number, and the insurance company they work for. Identify if they are calling about the accident on the behalf of the other driver. Knowing who they are and what they want can give you a good starting point on how the conversation may go.

How to Act

An accident can bring up all kinds of emotions, especially if you feel the insurance company is trying to swindle you out of compensation. It’s important to keep a steady head when speaking to an adjuster. Don’t yell at them or insult them, as that won’t get you anywhere good. Even if you don’t agree with what they are saying, remaining calm can help them help you.

What to Say

The only thing you have to give the adjuster is basic information. You can give them your phone number, address, and name. If they ask to record your conversation, always say no. You are not legally required to give a statement or recording. They may try to use the recording to undermine your own stance in the situation, so it’s better not to have it at all. They cannot legally record you without your consent.  

What to Omit

Count on omitting pretty much everything else about the accident. You can tell an adjuster that the accident happened and who was involved, but that’s all. You should not discuss the details of the collision, provide your own opinion, or admit guilt. Doing any of these can seriously impede your ability to reach a settlement. Never give out any information about injuries. If you admit information like this, but discover something critical later on, the insurance company can claim that you are trying to tack on more expenses that you originally did not inform them about.

Talking to an insurance adjuster can be stressful. You can hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Arlington, TX from a law firm like Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to speak on your behalf with them, as lawyers have a better understanding of what to say and omit in the call.