The First Steps After a Vehicle Crash Are Critical

If you’ve ever experienced a car crash, the entire event may seem like a blur. If the collision was severe, you might have experienced a blackout or fuzzy memories of the event.

The first few minutes after a car accident are critical. In some instances, you may not be able to perform any of the tasks suggested. However, if you can, these types of things may help you get through the accident claims process and recover what you need to move forward.

Speak to the Police

After a crash, it is customary to call the police and report the incident. In some areas, the police may suggest that you exchange information and continue with your day. However, you may want to insist on their presence at the scene, especially if the crash involved injuries on either side. When you call 911, you should report the accident as best as you can recount it and then request a police report. This document may become critical in the investigation of the accident.

Take Photographs and Video

Documenting the scene is something that insurance companies will appreciate. Because verbal accounts are never entirely accurate, having visual evidence of the way the vehicles looked, the property damage and the like will help paint a better picture for the claims adjuster. You will want to take video as well, especially if it helps portray relevant information like the severity of the weather.

Get Witness Identifying Information

People may stop to help with your accident and to make sure you are not seriously injured. If someone indicates that they saw the events before or during the crash, do what you can to get their identifying information. Some may be reluctant to provide personal information because they don’t want to get involved. However, you may want to implore them to help. A third-party witness statement carries a lot of weight during the insurance investigation process.

Go to the Doctor

Even if you walk away from a crash feeling fine, it is always recommended that you seek medical attention. Make an appointment with your doctor for the days following a collision for a physical checkup. Make sure you disclose any physical symptoms that have manifested since the accident. Even something ordinary, like a toothache, may point to an underlying injury.

A car insurance adjuster wants to do what they can to find fault after a crash. To ensure you have the best shot of a favorable outcome, do what you can after an accident to set yourself up for a successful claim.

If you have questions about a car accident case, contact a Woodland Hills auto accident lawyer, like Barry P. Goldberg, for a consultation.