Top Questions to Answer After a Car Accident

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Questions to Ask Following a Car Accident

A car accident can leave you frazzled and out of sorts, creating the perfect environment to make critical mistakes. Unfortunately, the scene of the accident is the last place you want to make any errors, as it could affect your ability to make a claim down the road. To make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned, here’s the perfect checklist to cover all your bases after a collision. Just ask yourself these questions to ensure you’ve done everything you need to do before departing.

Are You Hurt?

Check yourself for injuries right away. If you are in shock, you may not feel them immediately until everything has calmed down. You may need to call an ambulance if you are seriously hurt. Check anyone else who was in the accident for injuries as well. You should see a doctor a day or two after the accident to get a full assessment of your injuries. This not only lets you know of any health concerns, but it also establishes a connection between your injuries and the accident for insurance purposes.

Did You Call the Police?

It can be easy to talk yourself out of calling the police. If the accident is minor or the other driver doesn’t have insurance, you could be convinced not to call. This is a bad idea. An officer can take your statement about what happened. They can make an assessment of fault that can be used in a later claim, and you can get a copy of their report.

Have You Exchanged Information with the Other Driver?

You need to get the name of the other driver, as well as their contact information. Ask for their insurance information and policy in case you need to get in touch with their agency to file a claim or clear up any confusion about fault.

Did You Take Pictures of the Scene?

The more evidence you collect at the accident site, the easier it will be to paint a picture of what happened for insurance. Take photos of the overall scene and the damage to your vehicle. Get the statements and contact information of witnesses. Write down your own statement of the incident to refer back to.

Once you’ve answered each of these questions, it’s time to call your insurance to let them know about the accident. It may also be time to contact a car accident lawyer in Wytheville, VA to help you build your claim. A law firm like The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can be reached out to regarding next steps and questions about the process.