Types of Hospitality Travel Claims 

Negligent Security Hospitality Attorneys

Taking a trip to an exciting destination should be a chance to relax and spend time with family and friends. Unfortunately, sometimes trips don’t always turn out as planned and accidents happen unexpectedly. The last thing you want to happen during a vacation or other outing is some type of problem to occur. Cases of negligence are particularly common. Hotel managers, supervisors, or other staff members may be held liable if they committed negligent actions. As MN negligent security hospitality attorneys such as one from Johnston Martineau, PLLP can tell you, they can provide legal assistance if you have a case that involves the hospitality industry. 

A hospitality lawyer specializes in litigation that involves the hospitality industry, which includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, amusement parks, tourism companies, and other travel-related businesses. Some examples of the types of claims they often handle include the following: 

  • Insect infestations. Property owners are responsible for ensuring their property is regularly cleaned and undergoes the proper maintenance to avoid issues such as bed bugs. 
  • Property security. The owner of a property is responsible for ensuring that the premises are secure and reasonably safe. In cases of negligent security the property owner can be held liable. 
  • Dram Shop. A “dram shop” case is when an establishment serves too much alcohol to a guest, and the guest later suffers from an injury or injures another person.

  • Pool injuries/drownings. A business must administer extensive training to staff members so that guests don’t suffer from injury in swimming pools or spas. 
  • Slip and Falls. Slip and falls can result in serious injury to victims. If there is a hazard such as a spilled drink in a hotel lobby, the hotel must address the hazard and put up the appropriate signs so that it is visible to anyone entering the area. If they fail to address and remove the hazard, they can be considered negligent. 

How is Liability Determined?
Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses are legally responsible if a guest suffers an injury at their premises. Property owners and operators such as landlords, hotel managers, and innkeepers have a duty to protect any guests on property from harm. If you are not sure if an injury you suffered in a hospitality business was due to an owner’s negligence, speak to an experienced lawyer about the details of your case. 

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